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I share my experiences about the various SPA /SALONS I have been too and the services taken there

Bringing Parlour to Your Home with| Review| ThePinkTrends

Hei Girlies,

How was your weekend? I had a nice relaxing weekend which included a bit of pampering at home. I am among those people who love to visit parlor for taking out various services but end of not visiting due to mood, time constraints, travel aspects etc. Thank God for the people who started Beauty Services at Home. is one such great option, I tried this weekend. I took waxing, manicure, pedicure services and simply loved it. They have a wide range of services. As of now, it is only in Bangalore though.

stay glad bangaloreWatch this video to see how efficient the services were:

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Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Review: Instant Pedicure for the Girl on The Go

I am one of the girls who loves getting pedicures, manicures. Before marriage, this is one of my regular tasks. I love being pampered and let’s admit it who doesn’t !! Somehow after marriage my visits to salons/parlors have decreased. Not that I don’t have time but …. . Hmm..I really don’t know the answer. But I still make sure that I don’t have cracked heels. I really dislike cracked heels and never understand why girls stop taking care of themselves, once they get married. Yes, priorities change, but common why stop looking good 😀

scholl Pedi Express

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Go From Tired to UnTired..Four Fountains De Stress Spa Experience: Bangalore

Recently I had shifted my house (read my experience here) and after marriage it is not an easy task At All…Now you have a home and a home requires many items to make it a home. Shifting as a bachelor was much easy,  just pick your bags and get ready to settle in a new house. So between the various tasks of finding a new house, packing my stuff  etc. , when I got a call from The Four Fountains Spa to try their spa services and write a review about them I couldn’t be happier. I was like wohoo someone is there to listen to my problems 😉 (For a guy shifting is like “Big deal,we will call a Movers and Packers, they will take care of everything, what you have to do !!!.. Like Really??!!)

I had taken their service before also (before I was a blogger) and I must say that they stand by their motto “Go from Tired to UnTired”. I had really liked their service last time also and had shared the lovely experience with my friends. This time I was excited to take the services again and was more into details while taking their services. I had to share this experience with a larger set of friends now 🙂

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