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Diwali DIY | Ideas to Reuse Diyas, Candles and LED Lights Post Diwali

Hi Guys,

Diwali just got over and I hope you all had loads of fun. In today’s video I am showing you some quick DIY Ideas to recycle those Diya’s , Candles, LED Lights. You can totally revamp those simple Diya’s into some colorful ones, or create a candle by yourself or put that wine bottle to great use. All you need is some laces, fevicol, glitter, used wax, candle wick, acrylic color and brushes.

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How I Organized My Dressing Table and Sorted My Life

Hi Girls,

How to organise your cosmetics table

If you are one disorganized person like me, then this post is totally for you. I am a kind of girl who organizes her stuff, then messes it up and then organizes again and life just goes on. Every morning I run between my rooms to pick the stuffs lying here and there. Thus wasting those precious five minutes ;).

So one fine Sunday, I got up and decide to clean up my mess. And girls, for the two hours that I spent that day, I am enjoying the results till date. The way I have organized this time, it will be a long time before I mess this up again :D. So well done to myself . Pat on my back 🙂

Thus today I bring you a very simple way of organizing your stuff without investing much on any fancy storage boxes. You just need to understand two things. Read on for more.

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Tutorial:Color Your Hair At Home With Loreal Casting Creme Gloss

Hi Girls,

Today I am going to share with you how to color your hair at home in few simple steps and save a lottt of money :). All you have to do is Mix, Apply, Wash. After trying this at home, I am never going back to salons.

(I was supposed to do this post weeks back but it just kept getting delayed. I am not yet habituated of taking Selfies and thus I had no after hair color pics to show you girls. Yesterday I managed to take some pics so thought of doing this post 🙂 )

Sometime back I had started to get my hair colored as henna was making my hair rough and I really wanted to try out different hair colors. First few times, I got it done in a salon and they charged me a whopping sum of money. After few visits to salon, I realized that there is nothing special they are doing for global hair color(full) and it can easily be done at home.

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