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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him | Unconventional and Practical Gifts for Him

Hi All,

In Today’s Video I am talking about some practical gift ideas for guys. You can pick some ideas for this Valentine’s day and any occasion in general.


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Enjoy the Rains with 5 Mins Instant Rusk Pizza

I am loving Bangalore Weather these days. It is raining constantly and the weather makes me feel as if I am in some hill station. Such a weather calls for some treat. So here’s what I did on a lazy weekend.

It is yummyness in 5 mins. I call it Instant Pizza on Rusk.


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Online Shopping: Gift A Jewellery To Your Girl This Valentine From Jabong


To all the beautiful people out there reading this post. Wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Last year my hubby showered me with loads of gifts and totally surprised me. It was after years he had bought some gifts for me, all by himself. Thanks to Online Shopping, all he had to do was browse and click to make me so happy.

So for all the guys reading this post, has made your life easier by creating a Valentine’s day section. They also have Jewellery section where you can pick an interesting range of jewellery for your girl, without burning your pockets. I browsed through few and here is what I have picked.

Jewllery section of jabong

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Shoutout To Girls: What Gifts Would You Like To Get:Help The Guys

Few months back I wrote a article on some unconventional  gift ideas for guys,which if you have not read yet, I strongly recommend that you do, it has some really great ideas 😀 :D. (Read here). Many of you loved and enjoyed reading that article.

After that I got request from many guys to write about “What to Gift to Girls, they are clueless what girls like”.


I thought “Ok that’s a good idea, lemme write that so that they don’t end up gifting us those soft toys :D.”

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The One Gift That Made Your Mom Happy

With Mother’s Day just passing by I was thinking about that the most beautiful and complicated relationship is “Mother-Daughter”. We all love our Moms but somehow when we are in our teens we don’t show that love to her. Many of us start feeling “Oh my Mom is so Irritating!!”, “Why she has to Interfere  in my life!!”, “Why can’t she  leave me alone!!” , “Why she doesn’t like whatever I pick up!!” …list is just endless.. But as we mature, we start to realize how much our Moms love us and how much she cares. We go to different cities and realize how much we miss her. How much we love her. How she is so important in our life. Again the list is endless.. So guess that’s why this mother day was invented. Someone was intelligent and mature enough to understand that we need to dedicate one day to the lovely ladies out there. And that’s our MOMS.


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Unconventional Gift Ideas for Your Guy

Thinking Why this post in a Girly Blog?. Well this is because the question: “What do I Gift to My Guy?” haunts the girls most of the times.Wallets,Perfumes,Clothes,Watches is what always comes to  mind and the advice of your guy friend is hardly any good :D. So I thought it would be good to club the various ideas I have and put it together on my blog.

unconventional gift-ideas-for-guys

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