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Diwali DIY | Ideas to Reuse Diyas, Candles and LED Lights Post Diwali

Hi Guys,

Diwali just got over and I hope you all had loads of fun. In today’s video I am showing you some quick DIY Ideas to recycle those Diya’s , Candles, LED Lights. You can totally revamp those simple Diya’s into some colorful ones, or create a candle by yourself or put that wine bottle to great use. All you need is some laces, fevicol, glitter, used wax, candle wick, acrylic color and brushes.

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Dress Up this Festive Season with Dupatta’s Feat BIBA

Hi Friends,

How are you all doing? The feeling of Festivity is catching up in the air. Durga Pooja, Dusharra, Diwali is coming up soon. The three big festivals celebrated in India. Festivals give us a reason to dress up a bit, put on makeup , look beautiful and enjoy the positivity around. Even though we would like to buy as many as new clothes as possible, our pockets surely doesn’t allow to overindulge. Thus we should look to recreate our look by playing with some of items in our cupboard. One such versatile option is your dupatta.

Recently, I was surfing for similar options online and found some some dupattas that you can buy online . In Today’s post I bring you some of those ideas.

Option1: Paint the Town Red


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Freedom From Dampness – Fix it to believe it!

As the popular saying goes ‘Home is where Heart is’. A beautiful and comfortable house is the most important part of our life. The key to stay happy is having a home where you look forward to coming back after a tiring day at work or just love to spend the day. It is essential that your house has good amount of ventilation, there is sunlight and it is free from dampness. Just imagine coming back home after a hectic day at office, all you would want to do is sit back on your sofa, have a cup of tea, watch television and relax at the comfort of your home. But that crazy smell coming from the damp walls kills all the experience! Not only that, damp walls is a like a termite that slowly starts to eat up all the positivity from your house. It all starts with damp walls, foul smell, peeling paint, leaking walls and that fungi dwelling up on your furniture.

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Why I Love Shopping From Over and Over and Over Again

Hi Friends,

Those who know me personally have a fair idea of much big a shopaholic I am :D. My cubical mates tease me that  I am responsible for making the e-Commerce grow ;). Well me and several people like me :). And now that we can shop online, life has become much more simpler.

One of my favorite destination to shop online is Mostly, 4/5 of the clothes that I buy are from So today I am sharing ‘Why I Love Shopping From’ so much.

This post is for those who have never tried shopping Online. I am saying Online because  ‘You haven’t shopped Online if you haven’t shopped at‘. If you have shopped at then you already know how great it is.

When it comes to Shopping at, all you have to do is browse, select, pay and relax. Within few days your order will be at your doorsteps. If you don’t wish to pay upfront you have the option of cash-on-delivery. Simple as that.


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Feeling Lighter by 2Kgs Using GM Diet

Hi Girls,

Today I am sharing my experience about General Motors Diet which I had followed last Year. For our marriage anniversary we had planned to go to Goa and before that I wanted to shed few Kgs quickly, so that I can wear those dresses and all ;). I actually lost some 2 and half Kg with this diet, so I thought of sharing my experience with you all.

My Gm Diet Experience

GM diet is basically a special food diet designed over a course of 7 days, which claims to make you loose 2-5 Kgs. Each day you are supposed to have a particular set of food. Coffee and Tea also is to be avoided. If you Google about it, you will get a lot of information about this diet and how it actually works. To start with here is wiki link for you.

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How I Organized My Dressing Table and Sorted My Life

Hi Girls,

How to organise your cosmetics table

If you are one disorganized person like me, then this post is totally for you. I am a kind of girl who organizes her stuff, then messes it up and then organizes again and life just goes on. Every morning I run between my rooms to pick the stuffs lying here and there. Thus wasting those precious five minutes ;).

So one fine Sunday, I got up and decide to clean up my mess. And girls, for the two hours that I spent that day, I am enjoying the results till date. The way I have organized this time, it will be a long time before I mess this up again :D. So well done to myself . Pat on my back 🙂

Thus today I bring you a very simple way of organizing your stuff without investing much on any fancy storage boxes. You just need to understand two things. Read on for more.

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Anarkali Shopping in Bangalore.. My Experiences and Take on Shops

I love Bangalore a lot but the one thing I hate most about Bangalore is that it gives you a hard time when you want to shop for any ethnic clothes here. Even if you are willing to spend loads of money, there is nothing that you will be totally moved by. It is not like Delhi or Bombay where you go out one day and you get so many options and the struggle that you have is “Is this good or the one I saw before was better 😉 ” 

A year back, when I was looking for my wedding lehenga I had a hard time finding it. I would have checked almost all places in Commercial Street and around. Yesterday I had to help my girlfriend pick a nice elegant Anarkali and I knew we are gonna struggle again. We roamed around the filtered shops (from my previous experiences) and finally we were able to get a good decent one. So after the hectic day I thought of putting up a post for you girls so that at least your efforts are reduced next time :).

So here’s a comprehensive list of places we went to and my experiences of the same

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Are You Monsoon Ready?

Monsoon is a difficult season to deal with.On one hand it brings you relief from all that heat and gives you a pleasant weather,the beautiful greenery around but on other hand it also brings in that sticky irritating weather with mud all around.So with the monsoon finally hitting us I thought of doing a post of how to handle this monsoon.


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Girls and Their Shopping Habits: The Good and Bad of It

Shopping is a Girls Best Friend and it is the time of the year again when Everywhere Everything’s is on SALE!!!. I am sure you are tempted to buy those things that were in your list from so long…So I thought of doing a fun post where we girls learn from each others shopping habits..The Good and Bad of it..


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