Diwali DIY | Ideas to Reuse Diyas, Candles and LED Lights Post Diwali

Hi Guys,

Diwali just got over and I hope you all had loads of fun. In today’s video I am showing you some quick DIY Ideas to recycle those Diya’s , Candles, LED Lights. You can totally revamp those simple Diya’s into some colorful ones, or create a candle by yourself or put that wine bottle to great use. All you need is some laces, fevicol, glitter, used wax, candle wick, acrylic color and brushes.

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Diwali 2016 Home Decor Haul with HomeCenter and FabFurnish

Hi Friends,

In this video I am sharing my home decor haul for Diwali 2016 from HomeCenter and FabFurnish.com. I love shopping from both of these places.

I bought some candle holder, candles, clock, cushion covers to decorate my home this Diwali. Hope it helps you pick up some ideas for yours.


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