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Soya Chunks in Chinese Style

I must admit that I have never been a fan of Soyabean,until recently.I just realized that I have been eating it the wrong ie the boring way till now.I have heard a lot about its health benefits and all but never actually experimented with it.

Recently one day, I had nothing else at home than just a packet of Soya Chunks,so I took it and started making something with it.I started it as a normal dish that was just supposed to satisfy our hunger but it it turned out to be so great and tasty that I felt like I should share with you all.I am hoping that there will be people like me who have neglected it so far.So here is something fun that you can make with soyabean. I don’t have any name for it so Let’s Call It- “Soya Chunks in Chinese Style”soyabean in chinese style Continue reading

Monsoon Bites ..A Quick Calzone Recipe

It has started to rain from quite few days in Bangalore(Finally!!) and the  weather is just right to have something hot spicy and yummy..Few days days when it was pouring heavily outside I was in a mood to have something that is hot and spicy,is quick and can me made with the limited resources that I had at home then.So this is what I made..A quick version of Domino’s Calzone Pocket..

Quick Calzone Recipe

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Simple Things That Made My Life Simpler

It is really interesting that how sometimes few small and simple things makes our life so easy. This post is about those few things. This is a very simple post for some simple things, which have become important  part of my day to day life .

So here we go, below are such three products. 🙂

Simple Things

1.Marks and Spencer -Roll On:

Its summers and you have a function to attend and are worried about those sweat stains!!. Do not worry, just buy this amazing roll on from M&S. Those of you who don’t know, Yes, M & S has some nice cosmetics collection too and they are quite decently priced. I have tried other products also from M&S and I am not disappointed with any product of theirs. Coming back to the roll on, I had almost given up on any decent roll on, until I discovered this. This roll on actually helps to control your sweat and leaves a nice fragrance  and it lasts for many hours. It doesn’t dry out like others and also doesn’t feel too sticky. A word of advice though, you should not use roll on much as it stops the  sweat which is actually not a good thing, so use it when you can absolutely not avoid it.

Price: Rs 199

Marks and Spencer RollOn

2. Cotton Wipes By Bella:

Cotton is also girls everyday partner. We need to use it for so many things but pulling it out from that big bundle is sometimes not so convenient. What I like about these wipes is that, you just take a strip dab your makeup remover on it , wipe over your face and done. Put some nail polish remover over it and done. You have to use these to understand how it makes your life easier. Also there is a added bonus, one strip has two layers, so you can use just one when needed. And the pack lasts for many months.

Price: Rs 94

Bella Cotton Wipes

3. Ching’s Schezwan Chutney:

Yes you read it correct. A cooking Item.This is another purchase of mine, that’s made my life easy. Whatever instant dish you wanna cook , just add a spoon of this and enjoy the nice spicy taste. I add use this for pasta sauce, pizza base, instant bread pizza, rolls,noodles and Paneer starters and more. You will get to know as I post more dishes . Stay tuned.

Price: Rs 54 for 250g

Chings Schezwan Chutney
Chings Schezwan Chutney

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. I will come up with more posts for such items that make our lives easy, without us realizing much about them :).  Do add on, if you have such items to add on :).