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Shoutout To Girls: What Gifts Would You Like To Get:Help The Guys

Few months back I wrote a article on some unconventional  gift ideas for guys,which if you have not read yet, I strongly recommend that you do, it has some really great ideas 😀 :D. (Read here). Many of you loved and enjoyed reading that article.

After that I got request from many guys to write about “What to Gift to Girls, they are clueless what girls like”.


I thought “Ok that’s a good idea, lemme write that so that they don’t end up gifting us those soft toys :D.”

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The Mystery Of The Ghost Writer And Wheat- Part 20

Hi Guys, 

This post is in relation to the Celebrate Blogging Contest held by BlogAdda where we are writing a short story as a team. Hope you will enjoy the series of posts by my team.

Team Name: Blogstirrers

You can read Part 19(Click Here) which was written by Harshal for Game of Blogs by Blogadda.com

‘Find about Aryan Ahuja. Find what happened after Cyrus met him.Cyrus wrote a page about him on his blog-What Lies Beneath but his following posts are missing. I have my limitations but you have the resources.Use them.Do not, DO NOT tell about this to anyone,not even the ACP’.

Read Tara as a note was delivered to her.She looked around but no one was to be found.

After reading the note she immediately dialed to contact Cyrus.But he is in police custody.She tried contacting police station.But before she could give her name, she remembered the note-‘Do not tell about this to anyone,not even the ACP’.She disconnected the phone.She rushed outside and called up again from a public phone. This time she used some other name but was told that no one is allowed to speak to him.

Dishearten she went inside the nearby coffee house and ordered for her regular cappuccino.She kept looking at the note while sipping her coffee.

She was a lady of great strength.She had so many admirers.There were so many people who liked and appreciated her for her courageous nature and the kind of assignments she had taken upon.Some used to call her Dragon Lady.Yet today she was here,sitting alone,with no one to support her,with no to trust.

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The Mystery Of The Ghost Writer And Wheat- Part 15

Hi Guys, 

This post is in relation to the Celebrate Blogging Contest held by BlogAdda where we are writing a short story as a team. Hope you will enjoy the series of posts by my team.

Team Name: Blogstirrers

You can read Part 14 (Click Here) which was written by Shashank Sampathy for Game of Blogs by Blogadda.com

“Jennifer vanished from Police Custody???”. “She was in custody till date?”. “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” “How did she manage to escape and why she needed to escape?”. “What information have you gathered from her so far?”

“I cannot tell you everything right now but all I can tell you is that Jennifer might be in danger and we suspect she might contact you. We suspect that Jennifer knew the reporter and they both were working on some secret mission. You also need to be careful. If she comes to meet you need to inform me. This is important for both of you.”

Jennifer was in ACP custody’s all these days and he didn’t reveal that to me !! If I could meet her just once, may be I could get some information. I thought the ACP was helping me,but this !!.Whom do I trust now..

Tara disconnected the phone and fell back on her bed. She looked at the other side of bed and it was empty. She missed Shekhar, tears rolling down her cheek. Just a few days back she was happy. She remembered asking Shekhar about her Anniversary present and today he is no where to be found. She didn’t want his complete absence as an anniversary present.

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Contest Alert : Win L’Oreal Paris Goodies in Association with Flipkart:Closed

For ages Diamonds was said to be a Girl’s best friend but the one secret best friend every girl has is Chocolate. Isn’t it girls? Which girl doesn’t like to dig in that chocolate cake or die for that last piece of Cadbury Silk :D. Looks like creative team at L’Oreal know this about girls and hence they have come up with exclusive chocolate shades for your hair.Now you can have chocolate for your hairs too.

Would you like some chocolates for your hair then it couldn’t get easier than this.Read this post for the details,comment below and stand a chance to win L’Oreal Hampers.

L’Oréal in association with Flipkart have created a special Flipkart store for you girls called as Say Yes to Colour store on FlipkartThis store has the rich chocolate shades of Casting Créme Gloss range and various products that accentuate the look.One of them definitely identifies your personality.

loreal casting creme gloss in association with flipkart

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6 Months of Blogging..6 Posts I loved Writing

Hi Friends,

Today I have completed 6 months of blogging.I Can’t believe its half year already,time just flew by quite fast.So today I was looking back and checking out my what all I have written so far.I have written some 40 articles so for and thought of doing a post on my Favorite 6.So here’s what I enjoyed writing the most..So go ahead and click and read the various posts if you missed any.

My FAv posts_Indian Blog_thepinktrends
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Victoria’s Secret-Body Mist-Amber Romance Review

Looking for something that’s soothing and light and doesn’t feel too heavy like Perfumes. Well Body Mist is your answer.I recently came across Victoria’s Secret Body Mists. Yes, Yes VS has nice body mists and perfumes apart from other awesome things 😉 .I am happy that I own something from VS 😀

Victoria's Secret Body Mist
Victoria’s Secret Body Mist

VS has a huge range of Body Mist and Perfumes . I currently own Amber Romance Mist to start with. It has a light ,soft sweet smell. The good part is that the sweetness is just right and not too heavy. It feels like as if you are sprinkling fragrant water on yourself  🙂 .

How to Use:

Mist over body after shower for a nice, sweet smell. Someone I know mists it over before stepping into bed ;). I liked the idea as the smell is quite mild and not too distracting .

Victoria Secret AmberRomance
Victoria Secret AmberRomance


Around Rs. 1400 . Available at  Flipkart , Jabong.

Why The Love

  • Its a sweet,nice pleasant smell and doesn’t feel too heavy
  • It mingles so well with the body that It feels so natural
  • Lovely packaging
  • Has a decent staying power
  • Its from VS 😀  and you feel nice owning it 😀
  • Decent price for the amount you get.

Any Dislikes:

  • Not seen over the top counters and mostly one has  to rely on online sites. (I doubt the authenticity of many online sites for fragrances)
  • Wish Longevity was much more

Buy Victoria Secret Body Mist Online Here

So girls you if like body mist then VS has a huge range and you must try it out sometime. I am surely waiting to try out more from their range.

Colorbar Nude Coral Creme Lipstick Review

This is my very first post on Cosmetics and thus I am starting with my latest fascination in the world of cosmetics.Lipsticks. I love the fact that how they add life  and brightness to your face instantly. Once I have started wearing them , I have realized how you can look all dressed up  just by adding some colors to your lips.So while dressing up, try to dress up your lips too:)

As part of latest fixation, I  have bought few bold shades like Reds and Pinks. But with the summers approaching I was looking for something that is not too bold and can be worn easily in day time. Corals  and Peach shades are the answers to that. I bought  few from Lakme 9-5 range/ Revlon but still had not found that perfect coral shade, until I saw-Colorbar Nude Coral Creme Lipstick. I had read some good reviews about this shade and while doing shopping one day,  stumbled upon Colorbar counter. So went straight ahead, checked out this shade, loved it instantly and bought it.


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