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Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick: Orange Icon and Red Rush Reviewed

Hia Girls,

I have been quite busy for past month . My mind was just occupied with too many things and there was so much of information I had to gather. Thus I wasn’t so active on the blog. Sitting down with my lappy and writing a post wasn’t possible for me. Girls, blogging looks quite fancy but it is a lot of work. Yeah !! But one of the good thing about being a beauty blogger is that you get to try out newly launched products. Few days back when Maybelline sent me their Colorshow lippies  and all I wanted to do is open my lappy and review it, but couldn’t manage it. Hence here I am, writing this post for you at 2PM 🙂

maybelline colorshow lipstick review

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Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up Review, Swatches: Tropical Punch and Berry Sherbet

Life is totally incomplete without some spice. Add a bit of it to your work like, love life or food and see the magic. Guess that is what Maybelline had in mind and they decided to add some spice to the their bestseller Babylips range. Maybelline has come up with Spiced up range for their Baby Lips Balm . They have added three new spiced flavours -Berry Sherbet, Tropical Punch and Spicy Cinnamon.  These balms just don’t provide moisture to your lips but also imparts a bit of color.

maybelline baby lips in Berry shorbet and tropical punch

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Summer Love: Products I Am Loving This Summer 2015

I am currently in Delhi and the heat is killing me. It is so damn hot here. After staying in Bangalore for years I have kinda forgotten how summers feel like. Delhi is reminding me that now :D. Bringing you some products that I have been loving this summers.

Summer 2015 Favourites

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Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes Mascara-Review, Swatches and Price

Hi Girls,

I am sure you must have wondered many times that how easy our lives will be if our dear mascara came with a smaller wand for lower eyelashes. It is always a pain to use the regular mascara on the lower lashes. Since it is slightly hard to coat the lower lashes with neatness they mostly tend to get neglected. So while the upper lashes gets all flirty and dressed up, the lower lashes stay like a poor girl.

I am glad that Maybelline New York has come up with this new mascara that is going to solve this problem. How? Simple, have two wands. One for upper lashes other for lower. Problem solved right 🙂 :). This is something that must have got introduced years back.

Well, I was in need of a mascara and when I saw this being launched, I just had to buy it. At least for the two wands thing.

Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes Mascara

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Tutorial:Color Your Hair At Home With Loreal Casting Creme Gloss

Hi Girls,

Today I am going to share with you how to color your hair at home in few simple steps and save a lottt of money :). All you have to do is Mix, Apply, Wash. After trying this at home, I am never going back to salons.

(I was supposed to do this post weeks back but it just kept getting delayed. I am not yet habituated of taking Selfies and thus I had no after hair color pics to show you girls. Yesterday I managed to take some pics so thought of doing this post 🙂 )

Sometime back I had started to get my hair colored as henna was making my hair rough and I really wanted to try out different hair colors. First few times, I got it done in a salon and they charged me a whopping sum of money. After few visits to salon, I realized that there is nothing special they are doing for global hair color(full) and it can easily be done at home.

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Maybelline Colorshow Wine and Dine Review

Hi Girls,

How is Sunday going for you. Well for me I had a lazy Saturday so wanted to go out today.While getting ready I browsed through my nail paint collection (have a hugeee collection) and landed on Wine and Dine from Maybelline Colorshow range.

Maybelline colorshow_wine and dine

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Another Craze from Maybelline..Coral Craze

As promised girls, I am bringing you another lovely shade from Maybelline. This is Coral Craze.

I totally totally love this range. You want a color and you have got it here. I have already said enough about this range.

Coral Craze is again a very pretty shade and has nice coral touch. This is perfect for the girls who do not like bold and flashy colors.This is very good color to pick if you want those subtle hands and also the color that you can easily sport in your office. maybelline coral crush nailpaintI don’t have much more to say here. Guess I have already told my love for Colorshow range multiple times 🙂 So here is how it looks on my hands.maybelline-coral-crushHere are various posts I have done so far on Maybelline Nailpaints.

Maybelline Fiesty Fuschia          Maybelline Pastel Shades     Maybelline Colorshow Blues and Greens

Let’s Share: Does this end your search for a nice Coral Nailpaint? How do you like Maybelline Colorshow range?

Nykaa.com Shopping Haul

Hi Girls,

Few days back I shared the awesome offer that Nykaa.com was having. It was flat 25% discount for the products that are available at Nykaa. And with the wide range of products that Nykaa has to offer of it was definitely an offer not worth missing.So I went ahead and treated myself with few products that were on my list. I bought quite a lot of products from them and thought of doing this quick post for you girls.

In case you are not aware of Nykaa, let me tell you that it is one of the best places to buy cosmetics online.They host a wide variety of products and over 200 brands which ranges from makeup, skincare, hair care, fragrances, bath and body and luxury products for women and men.

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Color Your Nails As You Want With Maybelline Colorshow Range

These are just great times in world of Fashion, Cosmetics etc. With the Internet age the consumers are more aware and are demanding for more . Since the  competition is increasing, every brand is coming with various options for their consumers. One such revloution is by Maybelline.

Maybelline has revamped its nail paint range by launching the Colorshow range. This is a TOTAL revolution in the world of nail paints .For just 75 Rs you get every possible shade and a good quality nailpaint. Now which girl won’t like this. 😀

Mayblline Colorshow range
Mayblline Colorshow range

I recently bought some blues and greens from Colorshow range . Below are few such colors and I am totally loving them. Fun colors in few bucks.


Maybelline Colorshow
Maybelline Colorshow Nailpaints

Why the love:

  • It has more than 40 shades that comes in as less as 75 Rs
  • Just two swipes and you are good to go
  • Stays without chipping for 3/4 days easily
  • Dries in seconds. Very important factor for me, as I don’t have patience  in this department
  • Gives a glossy and nice effect
  • Easily available across stores

Any Dislikes:

  • None for me

Which shades are your favorite girls? With this range you can paint your nail with any color you want. So which color is it for you ?? I am so waiting to try out their other lovely shades.

Rooh Afza for your Nails

Have you ever had Rooh Afza in Summers ? It has such a soothing and cooling effect. I love the instant signals it sends to your brain, which says Body Get Ready and get up from the Sofa , I am feeling refreshed now 🙂 😀

When you apply the soft pastel shades on your nails, the similar signals you get when u look at your lovely nails. You know once I had put them on , and I so loved my nails that I kept on adoring and loving my nails for hours. 🙂 .. I know girls can go crazy some times over stupid small stuffs 🙂

Pastel NailPaints
Pastel NailPaints

I have put together some of the beautiful pastel shades of nail paints I have come across recently. Most of them are from Maybelline, this is because though I am die hard fan of nail paints(yes I change nailpaints every week, so I am sporting a new shade every Monday ), I don’t like to shell loads of money on them. They eventually dry out and it is quite sad when that happens.

Maybelline Color Show
Maybelline Color Show

Oh by the way girls if you have not tried the Maybelline Colorshow  range yet, then do not wait any further. They have awesome range of shades, ie with 40+ colors, theres one for every girl. Detailed post on them coming soon.