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Pants Obsession

I am totally obsessed about Pants these days . With the summers on, I just want to live in something that is comfy and feels light  and these loose printed pants are the answer to that for me.

Whether its going to a late night dinner, random  ice cream eating plan , vegetable or grocery shopping or meeting friends I am sporting these everywhere.I just change the top accordingly. As of now, I can live in them for the whole day :).They are so comfy that I don’t even feel like touching my Jeans these days.Jeans are such a torture in Summers.

I am finding them so comfortable that when I had to travel recently, I went out especially and bought myself another pair of pants 😀

goemetric print pant

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Latest Trends in Clothing

This is my very first article for my blog. And I am so excited  to start my own blog.

So what can be better to start with other than my love for fashion and colors 🙂 .These are such great times in World Of Fashion. There are so,  so many options to add style to your wardrobe. Today’s fashion is just not limited to a short skirt or a LBD or a shimmery sleeveless tops but you can go for   Neons, Laces, Color Pants, Sheer Tops, Jumpsuits, Hihg Low lines skirts,long skirts, Plazzos  etc etc.. the list just goes on..

Color Pants: Remember the Game “Tipi Tipi Top Top , Which Color You Want ” from our childhood days. Even in that we didn’t had as many colors as you can find in pants these days.Color Pants are such a happy break from the old boring Jeans and they are comfortable too .From soft Pastel Shades to Bold Red, you can now find pants are in all colors and every girl must own quite a few of them. These pants instantly add freshness  and life to your wardrobe. And these colors pants are so popular now that when boys are seen wearing them these days.  🙂

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