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Europe – Paris, Switzerland and Italy – Plan It Yourself Trip

This is going to be extremely useful post for anyone thinking of plan-it-yourself  trip to Europe. What will follow is details of all I had done for my Europe trip !

Flashpacking Trip To Europe

To shortlist, get ready for the following tasks:

  1. Deciding on Travel Dates and Destinations
  2. Visa process
  3. Flight tickets
  4. Accommodations
  5. Train Tickets within Europe
  6. City wise itinerary
  7. Passes
  8. Fooooood
  9. Money
  10. Shopping & Packing
  11. Mobile & Internet
  12. Budget
  13. Suggestions from my experience


Let’s begin…:

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Europe Diaries: In Love With Paris: Paris Day 1

Hi Friends,

As mentioned in my social media accounts I am bringing you my Europe Diaries. Last week we went on a 10 day trip to Europe-France, Switzerland and Italy. We planned the whole trip on our own and it just turned out to be perfect. We have so much of information share with you all. Thus there will be a whole lot of posts that will cover what we did and how we planned the whole trip. I am starting the series with my Day-1. Visit to PARIS- The City of Lights and Love.

I don’t know know where should I begin. Let’s just say I loved this place. May be Love is also a small word. It is a memory that I will cherish forever in my life. Paris is many things for many people: Fashion Hub, Art Hub, Architectural Hub. For me it was beautiful lanes with beautiful people all around. I loved the vibe of this place.  The lanes and buildings of Paris are just beautiful. The buildings seem to be in so much sync. I could such keep looking at them. There are snacks and coffee bars all around the city. The side lanes of River Seine are just so gorgeous. In short, if you ever get a chance you MUST , MUST visit this city. We stayed there for 2days, but that wasn’t enough. In this post I am just sharing some pictures from our trip to Paris.

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